WP Smart Export is a smart and highly customizable data exporter for outputting posts and user data that you can read. It is not a replacer for WordPress’s export tool used for exporting data between sites. It’s instead, a tool that can be used by anyone wanting to export readable content and analyze the data. It can export content from ANY AppThemes theme as well as ANY existing WordPress theme.

Easily export any post types and users content with related taxonomies (posts types only) and/or custom fields. Instead of a raw file with unreadable category terms ID’s, user ID’s, time stamps, etc, WP Smart Export can generates files with readable content since it can replace user ID’s with user names, time stamps with readable dates and categories or any other taxonomy term ID’s with readable labels.

You can always skip the smart features and still export raw data using WP Smart Export. This makes it ideal to export customized tabular files to be imported on external systems or services. A good example would be using it to export your lists of users to the AWeber Email Marketing Service. Another reminder, WP Smart Export can be used with ANY WordPress or AppThemes theme.

Feature Highlights

  • Export custom post types listings with custom fields and taxonomies
  • Export user listings with custom fields
  • Export listings with readable content:
    • Time Stamps (numeric timestamps can be converted to readable dates)
    • Term ID’s (numeric term ID’s can be converted to their respective labels)
    • User ID’s (numeric user ID’s can be converted to users display name)
    • Posts Statuses (statuses slug names can be converted to their respective labels)
  • Label any field (labels are used as the header columns on the exported file)
  • Use drag&drop for re-ordering fields
  • Export content between any date
  • Save templates for later use
  • Schedule exports:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Include export content for the past n days
  • Schedules allow multiple recipients
  • Email notifications on schedule exports (exported file is attached and sent to the recipients list)

Get in Control

WP Smart Export contextually displays fields based on the content type you wish to export (posts, users or any custom post types) and shows sample content for each of these fields so you can choose on a field by field basis whether to export it’s content as is or as something else (username, date, post status or taxonomy).

You control which fields to export, field label names, and whether to include custom fields and/or taxonomies. Additionally, you can reorder fields using simple drag&drop and save exports as templates for recurrent uses. Data can be exported between any date interval.

That’s not all, you can save regular exports as templates for later use and you can automate regular exports with schedules! Keep reading.

Example Use Cases:

Export all Jobs from any given date with the following requirements:

  • Core Fields:
    • ID
    • post_author
    • post_date
  • Taxonomy Fields:
    • job categories (with description instead of term ID – e.g: ‘Software’ instead of ‘3’)
    • job types (with description instead of term ID – e.g: ‘Full-Time’ instead of ‘5’)
  • Custom fields:
    • company name
    • company URL

Export all Listings from any given date with the following requirements:

  • Core Fields:
    • ID
    • post_author
    • post_date
  • Taxonomy Fields:
    • listing categories (with description instead of term ID – e.g: ‘Restaurant’ instead of ‘7’)
  • Custom fields:
    • phone
    • address

The use case examples can be applied to any AppThemes or non-AppThemes theme! You choose what and how to export the content.


For regular and recurrent exports you can save templates. Templates can be optionally created on each export keeping all your export settings (selected fields, field labels, field order, etc). The next time you need to do a similar export, just load the template and select the new date interval to export.

Payments Support.


For those who like to keep track of their sites content, but don’t want to keep returning to the site just to export data, WP Smart Export provides a scheduler. The scheduler acts like a normal Cron job for recurrent exports. It works by recurrently executing previously saved export templates at specified schedules. When run, these schedules send an email to a pre-set list of recipients, with the generated export file. It’s the perfect tool to keep track of content or users on your site!

To create a schedule you select a previously saved export template, the schedule (daily, weekly, monthly), the content time span (previous week , previous month, previous day or previous n days) and the recipients list. At the scheduled time, the exported file will be sent to the recipients list.

Use Cases:

For any AppThemes theme:
Export a file with all the sales from the previous week, every week and send it to the specified mailing list.

For any WordPress theme:
Export a file with ‘pending’ posts from the previous day, and send it to the specified mailing list.

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