Convert your visitors into registered users by providing them a seamless registration experience while they post jobs on your site.

The Visitor, allows your site visitors to access the submit job page and quickly fill in their email and/or username like regular job submit fields. Registration can be done seamlessly, with one field only, and automatically as soon as the user submits the form.

The site visitors turned registered users will then receive an email notification with a link to set their password.

By reducing the barriers to submit jobs you’ll provide a better customer experience and increase your user content.


The Visitor, provides options to register visitors using only an email address field and optionaly, the username. If the username field is disabled site visitors usernames will be created using the site visitor email address.

Additionally, you can choose what’s the role assigned to automatically registered visitors.


Altough The Visitor automatically prepends your site job submit form with the quick registration fields you can disable this and use a shortcode instead. You can place it anywhere on your job submit form.

The shortcode is also useful if you’re using a 3d party child theme with big visual changes that might impact the automatic fields prepending.


Additionally, if you need to style the quick visitor registration fields you can place the bundled template on your child theme and style it as you wish. This will help provide a seamless visual experience for all the fields.

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