v2.0 – 01.04.2016

  • plugin has been rebuilt adding compatibility with latest Classipress 3.5.4+
  • starting with version 2.0, you can use the plugin to moderate free ads even if the payments system is enabled. Smooth Approve will handle moderation if the total ad cost  is 0 (zero).

Handy plugin that enhances default ClassiPress ad status moderation features, adding new options that will help you approve user submitted ads more easily.

So far, these are the options you can use:

Besides the current known options that already exist in ClassiPress; “Published” and “Pending Review”, this plugin introduces 2 new options:


  • Select the number of approved and published ads a user needs to have to be able to publish his ads live without your moderation, only moderate those who have less than X number of live ads published.



  • You can also choose to save the history of the ads you approve or delete for every user and use that instead of current number of active live ads.

(This is preferred as it preserves the count if you delete expired ads or you let the users delete their own ads.)

This works similar to a User Reputation System:

      • Every time you approve a pending ad, that user gets 1 point.
      • If you delete a published ad, he loses 1 point.
      • If you need to delete an active ad without user losing reputation, I suggest you set that ad to draft and then delete it.
      • You also have the option to manually edit each user’s reputation score in WP-Admin – Users
      • If a user drops to reputation 0, either manually or dynamically, that user won’t be able to gain reputation and post live ads without your intervention.

This is the best solution if you don’t want or don’t have time to manually review all pending ads but also don’t feel comfortable letting new, untrusted users post live ads. You can even set a higher reputation score needed in order to publish live ads without moderation and then manually edit and raise the reputation of the users you know and trust.

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