Smart Login Widget was built from the ground up for the Vantage, ClassiPress and HireBee themes.

This plugin provides a slick login and registration widget for the sidebar.

PLEASE NOTE: the Smart Login Widget Plugin is not yet compatible with version 4 (or newer) of the Vantage theme.

Version 4.0 of the Vantage theme was a complete rebuild by the AppThemes team and is vastly different from earlier theme versions. For that reason, the plugin is currently only compatible with earlier versions of the Vantage theme (prior to Version 4).

Some of the smart features of the plugin
Links are shown based on context

  • The ‘Login’ and ‘Register’ links are only shown to website visitors that are not logged in.
  • When a user logins in, the widget title changes.
    • When a website visitor is not logged in the default ‘Login or register’ title will be shown (or some other title if you have changed it in the widget settings).
    • When a user logs in the widget title will change to ‘Welcome [displayname]’, for example: ‘Welcome Luke’.
  • If user registration is disabled, the ‘Register’ link will not be shown to website visitors.
  • If an administrator logins in, the widget will show a link for the WordPress administrator area. Non-admin users will not have this link (given they won’t have access).
  • Logged in users will get a link to their Dashboard (their listings, favorites, profile etc).

Display user avatars

  • The plugin provides an option to display user avatars in the Smart Login Widget.
  • Avatar functionality can be further enhanced by downloading the free WordPress plugin, WP User Avatar. For example, you can then allow users to upload their own avatar (by default the themes will display the default placeholder avatar or the users Gravatar if they have one).

Clean design

  • The plugin provides an option to remove the default login rows at the top of every page.

Payments Support.

Auto-magically adapts to the Vantage, ClassiPress or HireBee style

  • The widget style will match the Vantage, ClassiPress or HireBee style in use (for example, the ‘Theme Color’ selected in the Vantage theme settings).

Fully customisable text

  • All of the widget text can be updated in the settings menu. This makes it super easy to customise the text to suit your audience.
  • HTML tags (bolding, font colour etc) can be applied to each of the custom text fields in the settings menu.
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