A tool for Sorting your Listings, SEO and Targeted Advertisements.

Have you ever wanted to change how your users browse your site? Create pages with unique content, and targeted advertisements?

And do that with the ease of shortcodes, that you create instantly, yourself?

1. Create custom made pages with the ads you selected using shortcodes

Organize your ads by:

Shortcode Builder

To help you build shortcodes, Shortys provides a simple to use Shortcode Builder so you can build your own shortcodes instantly!

2. Huge SEO help, control the title, the permalink(url), the description for your pages

Hummingbird and Useful Content

The Panda asked us to provide unique content. What makes content unique? A big part of it is originality. Original content that offers a creative and interesting read for traffic and engages the reader to the point that they want to share it was the goal. Now Hummingbird want us to change that thinking just a little bit by broadening our aim to include content that is useful. (The more useful, the better.) The five things that we should take out of the release of Hummingbird are as follows:

  • Content
  • Long tail keywords (this is the permalinks of your pages/site)
  • Useful information
  • Increased Entrance Portals (this is the pages, more pages more entrance portals)
  • Continued SEO


3. Make your site unique and control what Google indexes

Vantage by default adds in every category page the ‘listings/category’ link so eventually your menu categories have this structure:


With Shortys you can get rid of it and create your own menu links


You can change it to anything you like and do that for all the pages you create to organize and promote your ads!


Create a page with featured listings from 2 users

Create a page listings priced between 1000$ and 10000$

4. Place your banners, links text in every page

Additional benefits:

Using the Shortys Builder you can create any shortcode you can imagine.
Compatible with most child themes. So far we haven’t found any child theme that does not work with Shortys.

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