The Idea for the plugin is to make profiler page for JobRoller jobs poster users to display attractive web page by adding multiple header banners, contact details like phone number, email address and social icons like Facebook, twitter, google+ ….

Set company logo or company title text to make web page more real useful. The content settings will allow user to display about company details, short description about company by welcome text and descriptions, add images an HTML content to add HTML decorated content.

SEO settings to make profiler page more useful and meaningful for search engines. Provided attractive templates with modern style and design to display profiler page decorated and good look for visitor users.

Significant Features

  • Create and set different job profiler pages.
  • Attractive profiler page design.
  • Display Banners, About contents and contact details.
  • Contact details with social media like Facebook, twitter, google+…..
  • New menu links added in sidebar on edit profile page.
  • Manage profiler details from edit profile page
    • Basic Settings
    • Content Settings
    • SEO Settings
    • Menu Settings
    • Template Settings
    • Check Your Page (view poster profile on front end)
  • Admin Settings:
    • Profiler Templates settings
    • General settings
    • Email settings
    • Display settings
    • Header & Footer settings

Admin Settings

  • Admin should upload and install the plugin properly. Please refer installation guide for more details.
  • Select templates for profilers.
  • MOST IMPORTANT AFTER PLUGIN ACTIVATION :: Reset permalink from wp-admin >> Settings(left menu) >> Permalinks >> Permalink Settings >> press “Save Changes” button and it will reset profiler settings automatically.
  • Check profiler url settings from wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> General >> check “Profiler Base URL”
  • Check permission settings from wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> General >> check “Permission settings” — to enable/disable edit profiler data
  • Create new blank page for profiler and set from wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> General >> select for option “Profiler Page”
  • Create new page for edit profile for profiler’s data manage from wp-admin >> Pages >> Add New — Set title like : “Edit Profiler”.

Or Normally it generated automatically while plugin activated but if not generated, do generated manually.

  • Plugin settings from wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> Plugin Settings
  • Manage Templates –> to enable templates for profiler plugin and set default.
  • General Settings –> plugin settings like profiler template page, edit profile page, profiler URL, wrong profiler redirection settings, additional CSS…….
  • Email Settings –> Contact email sent from profiler page related settings like: Sender Name,Sender Email, Subject, Message Content …….
  • Display Settings –> address,phone,email, social icons display settings.

Profiler User Guide

  • If user can see the “Profiler Options” menu box on dashboard/edit profile page
  • the user is allowed to manage profiler page.
  • User can see ::
    • >> Basic Settings,
    • >> Content Settings,
    • >> SEO Settings,
    • >> Menu Settings,
    • >> Template Settings and
    • >> Check Your Page

Profiler on Front end User Guide

  • If profiler has access permission as per admin “Permission settings” and profiler not disabled, then only profiler can see manage profiler options.
  • First time profiler page generator user without any access permission, cannot create own profiler page.
  • Because logged in user have to add profiler link to create own profiler page, without profiler page link no one can create profiler page.
  • So if profiler page created, without access permission user cannot manage own data or change it.
  • That means any user changed the permission after profiler page generated, they cannot manage profiler date but profiler page will be published with no future update.
  • See profiler stetting links on poster dashboard(edit profile) page sidebar.
  • The most important is “Profiler URL”, if profiler url is added then only profiler page will be created and display.
  • Fist of all go to “SEO Settings”
    • >> The most important is “Profiler URL” — then only profiler page will be created.
    • >> make sure that the “Profiler URL” is unique for all profiler and it should never duplicate.
    • >> If you try to add duplicate profiler url name, it will never changed.
    • >> Set SEO title, description, meta keywords…
  • Set “Basic Settings”
    • >> Enable or disable profiler page
    • >> Set logo text OR logo image
    • >> Upload multiple header images which display randomly on the page
    • >> Contact Details, public email, address, phone …
    • >> social media settings like :: Facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest….
  • Set “Content Settings”
    • >> Welcome text and content settings
    • >> About title and content settings
    • >> Content 1 title and content settings
    • >> Content 2 title and content settings
    • >> Content 3 title and content settings
    • >> Content 4 title and content settings
  • Set “Menu Settings”
    • >> Manage menu titles like About Text, Services/Jobs Text, Contact Text….
    • >> Title Settings like Ad Listings Title, Contact Title…..
  • Set “Template Settings”
    • >> select your favorite template for profiler page…
    • >> See preview before select or finalize your profiler page. Make sure that the “Profiler URL” is unique for all profiler and it should never duplicate.
  • How to enable media upload if now display on profiler manage settings??
    >> wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> General >> Media Upload settings

New Features Update after version : 1.0.1 (31th Oct 2017)

— Profiler link display for author page & job detail page sidebar – not working – Problem SOLVED
— Slider Effect for necessary sliders added and now profiler slider is more attractive.
— Delete profiler header & logo images if any one delete.

>> wp-admin >> Jobs(left menu) >> Profiler Plugin >> General >> Media Upload settings

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