Logic is a flexible and powerful plugin that allows you to control who sees content on your WordPress site and under what conditions. Logic works with ANY WordPress theme.

Download Demo VersionThe demo version is fully functional but only the true and false conditions are available.

From displaying a message to users who are logged in to checking whether a post has a specific term from a custom taxonomy Logic can do it all. The possibilities are endless.

The custom Logic widget and shortcode make it simple for non-coders to display content based on complex sets of conditions. The template tag gives theme developers and coders complete control over where and when content is displayed.

Multiple Ways to Display Content:

  • Shortcodes – Each condition set features it’s own unique shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post editor to display conditional content within posts.
  • Widget – The Logic Widget allows you to quickly and easily conditionally display content in any widgetised area in your theme.
  • Post Filter – The post filter feature allows you to limit access to individual posts or on a site wide basis.
  • Template Tags – For ultimate control use the built in template tag to display content directly from your theme template files.
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