Note: LinkedIn no longer allows API access for job board sites so we have discontinued sale of this plugin. The LinkedIn Publisher plugin uses LinkedIn’s Job Search API that is now a part of their Vetted API Access Program. You must apply here to get LinkedIn’s approval in order to use this plugin.

A highly customizable aggregator that publishes job listings on your site using the LinkedIn Job Search API. Requires the JobRoller theme from AppThemes and API Key from LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn-Publisher plugin was developed with both non-experienced users and advanced users in mind. This means, that you only need to register your site as a LinkedIn application to get an API Key, and choose a country to instantly get jobs from the popular Business Social Network based on the current user LinkedIn profile and connections.

Alternatively, instead of letting LinkedIn decide the best results, you can simply select a job industry to get the most relevant jobs for your site.

Advanced users can tweak job results by adding keywords, countries and/or postcodes and even highlight jobs from major companies (i.e: Google, Facebook, Apple, etc…). Additionally, site owners have the option to display LinkedIn jobs only to registered users.
Some job listings even earn you a referral bonus and can be styled for greater visibility.
Start making your site popular and converting visitors into registered users by displaying jobs from one of the most respected social platforms out there!


  • Up and running with minimum settings change
  • Select from over 244 countries
  • Selection of 147 job industries
  • Flexible job queries to display the most relevant jobs to each unique website
  • Set any number of jobs to pull from LinkedIn
  • Sort results by relationship (relation between the job and the LinkedIn member profile) or date
  • Search LinkedIn jobs, on demand or when no local results are found
  • Choose whether to display jobs to all users or registered users only
  • Display LinkedIn results on the front page, when searching or browsing jobs by type and categories
  • Specify and highlight any number of companies you consider important for your website
  • Cache front page results for better performance
  • Uses standard WordPress gettext libraries for easy translation
  • Clean and well commented code
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