Simply put, it’s the ultimate plugin to easily populate your JobRoller site with real jobs from the most popular job sites and job aggregators. This handy plugin fetches jobs from RSS feeds and imports them to your jobs database.

Pick your favorite big job site, look for the jobs RSS feed, paste it directly to Go Fetch Jobs and instantly get fresh jobs in your database! It also supports scheduled automatic imports so you can put your job site in full auto-pilot!

Please read more below. For more information and feature details please visit the official site.


– Extract FULL job descriptions, company and company logos directly from the providers site (select providers only)
– Improved Smart Assign (auto assign job types/categories based on jobs content)

Very Complete

  • Besides the usual title and description, Go Fetch Jobs can also pull company logos (*), job companies and job locations for selected providers. You can also set job categories and job types and custom field values for  the jobs being imported. You can even set it to feature the jobs being imported.There’s plenty of options to control and identify your job imports and you can even save your import settings as templates. These templates, beside simplifying future imports, can be assigned to automatic imports, available through schedules. You can create unlimited schedules to automatically and regularly import jobs. Just specify an existing template, the schedule recurrence and watch your site being refreshed with new jobs on a regular basis.

    (*) If you want to display company logos on job listings as in the demo site, and add a ton of new features to your JobRoller site check out my other plugin named FXtender Pro.

Seamless Integration

  • Each imported job seamless integrates with your JobRoller site but since these jobs don’t provide an explicit ‘How to Apply’ field the ‘Apply Online’ link will be hidden. Instead, under the ‘How to Apply’ title, your customers will see a (customizable) ‘Click Here To Apply’, link, that links directly to the external job.

Ready to use RSS Feeds Providers

  • Go Fetch Jobs comes packed with ready to use RSS feeds providers grouped in categories like: Design, Blogging, Gaming, IT, Marketing, etc… Providers include The Guardian, Smashing MagazineCareerjet, and many others. Just click the feed you want to use!Payments Support.

More features

    • Import jobs from any valid RSS feed
    • Seamless integration with JobRoller jobs
    • Set job duration
    • Save import rules as templates
    • Company logos on select providers
    • Ready to use RSS Feeds, including big sites like, with detailed setup instructions
    • Ready to use RSS feeds from popular job sites including: []( and [craigslist](
    • Custom RSS builder for select providers that allows creating custom RSS feeds with specific keywords/location, without leaving your site
    • Extract and auto-fill job company names and locations on select providers
    • Auto assign job types and job categories based on each job content
    • Filter imports using keywords
    • Automated scheduled imports

    For more information and feature details please visit the official site.

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