As of Dec 9th, 2015, this plugin is not available for sale because the API we used is no longer free.

AppThemes GeoReg captures valuable geographic information about users who register on your site. It’s completely transparent and works behind the scenes without any setup or configuration. We promise you’ll be in awe with how powerful, yet simplistic it is!

For a live demo, visit the MaxMind website. It will show your current location based on your IP address using the same lookup as this plugin.

Want to test drive the plugin first? Download the free GeoReg Lite version from the WordPress plugins directory! Or if you prefer, install the lite version directly from within your WordPress admin area. Just go to “Plugins” => “Add New” => and search for “GeoReg Lite”.

Feature Highlights

  • Works right out of the box. No configuration!
  • Supports any WordPress theme (that uses the WordPress registration page or hooks)
  • No code or theme template files to edit
  • Captures the IP address, country, region (state), city, postal code, latitude, longitude, and more
  • Adds geographic columns to the wp-admin user screen
  • Includes embedded Google Map (in your language) on the user edit page
  • Supports any language (text translation and .pot file required)
  • Dedicated forum-based support provided by our customer service team

Advanced Features

  • Works with AppThemes’ themes
  • Works with both WordPress standard & Multisite
  • Works with BuddyPress
  • Works with bbPress
  • Supports both http and https websites
  • Portability. WordPress export includes all data
  • Clean, professional, well commented code
  • Includes WordPress filters for developers
  • Uses the WordPress API, hooks & filters for quick processing
  • No hardcoded select statements or custom database tables
  • Uses the WordPress user meta table
  • Very small footprint. Uses the MaxMind js so there’s no large dat files to include

There are countless ways to leverage geo information. Here are a few ideas: **

  • Personalized web content
  • Region-specific advertising and offers
  • Easily calculate VAT or sales tax
  • Block users based on region or IP address
  • Conduct traffic analysis & data mining

** Note: GeoReg only gathers and stores geographic information when new users register. You will need another plugin or custom development in order to leverage the items mentioned above.

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