FXtender is the perfect companion for JobRoller. It instantly adds several new features, options and widgets to any JobRoller website. Combine the best job theme on the market, mix it with FXtender, and get the most feature rich job site your money can buy.

Notes: If you find any issue or incompatibility, please post it on the forum, before writing a bad review. No issue is left unanswered.

Latest Features

  • Reset resumes view limit on user profiles
  • Choose the roles that can change the default job application email address during job submit
  • Limit resume views in job packs
    • Adds ‘Resume Views Limit’ field to job packs
    • Count only unique resume views (optional)
    • Clear resume track when limit is reached (previous accessed resumes are reset and will count towards the total resume views if accessed again) (optional)
    • Show list of accessed resumes in user dashboard (optional)
  • Applications list can optionally show the applicants name (links to the applicant profile)
  • Applicants list can be optionally exported (exports display name, first name, last name, user email, linkedin apply date, online form apply date)
    • Export button is displayed on frontend dashboard listings (Applications tab) and on the job page backend (applications widget in right sidebar)
    • Export button can be enabled for publishers or admins only
  • Job durations can be optionally edited when editing a job
  • Allow uploading unattached CV’s (no online resumes required)
  • Option to choose the YouTube URL type: user (default) or channel

Main Features

  • Configure how many jobs need to be approved and published before a job is automatically published
  • Job application recipient field (allows admins manually submitting jobs on the front end to set the recipient email for each job)
  • Redirect Job visitors (turn applicants into registered users)
  • Redirect application visitors (turn applicants into registered users)
  • Add job duration field when submitting jobs
  • Job preview on job listing (on mouse hovering)
  • Display company logo thumb on job listings
  • Auto fill Job Lister/Seeker details
  • Apply with registered emails only (reduces spamming)
  • Persistent Company logos (submit jobs without uploading a new logo each time – logos can be uploaded on the user profile)
  • Upload Resumes/CV files
    • Upload CV/Resume files on the dashboard
    • Apply to Jobs with uploaded CV/Resumes files
    • Enable downloading CV/Resume files on online Resume pages
  • Payment gateways
    • Google Checkout
    • 2Checkout
    • Authorize.net
    • Manual payments (Bank Transfer, etc..)
  • S2Member Integration
    • Restrict access for adding new online Resumes
    • Restrict access for uploading Resume/CV files
  • LinkedIn integration (show Inline LinkedIn profile on Profile, Resume or Job pages)
  • New Widgets:
    • Mini google map
    • Company logo
  • …and much more…

Minimum Requirements

  • JobRoller 1.7 (1.8.x or greater is recommended)

Child Themes

  • FXtender is 100% compatible with TinyGiantStudios child themes.
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