Create a full page google map page to display and add the link on menu or good place from where visitors can get it easily.
There is cached and none cached option from plugin settings which allow users to cache the listings to improve the site load speed.
Display map by shortcode.


  • Display listings on map.
  • Business list beside map for easy scroll.
  • Display latest business listings.
  • Title click display on map with details.
  • Attractive full page map.
  • Grouped and normal pin display options.
  • Cache data to reduce load time and improve site speed.
  • Remove cache option if no need cache.
  • Automatic cached data refresh by wordpress cron job.
  • Display map by shortcode.
  • Set own location on map by center Latitude & Longitude.
  • Set location focus by zoom level settings.
  • Set map type either from ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID or TERRAIN.
  • Hide map on mobile device.
  • Set number of business listings on map.
  • Map pin settings like pin icon size, and default pin image.
  • Default pin image url settings.
  • Mange map pin popup settings like
    • Map zoom on title click
    • Business listings image
    • Business Address
    • Business Price
    • Get Business Direction on Map
  • WordPress Multi-site ready.
  • Display for all most size of devices.
  • Plugin is tested for up to 1000 to 2000 listings on demo site.
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