By default, the HireBee theme allows adding only projects to user favorites, with “Favorite Profiles for HireBee” plugin they can add profiles as well.

Plugin Features

  1. With this plugin your HireBee users can manage their favorite profiles:
    • * Employers and Freelancers can add each other to favorites.
    • * Employers can send mass invitations to all favorite freelancers.
    • * Freelancers can receive notifications about new projects posted by favorite employers.
    • * Users receive notifications when someone added them to favorites.
  2. Users have got following options to enable/disable notifications:
    • * Notify me when my favorite profiles create a new project.
    • * Notify my favorite profiles when I create a new project.
    • * Don’t send me invitations to new projects from my followers.
    • * Don’t send me notifications when users add me into their favorites list.
  3. There is a separate page on the user dashboard with the list of favorite profiles and projects.
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