Stop listings with duplicate titles, shows an error to user while submitting a listing at front end

When you are managing large amounts of listings on your Vantage, ClassiPress, JobRoller, HireBee, Clipper or Taskerr site, repeating the same titles unknowingly is a common problem which ultimately confuses your users. The Duplicate Title Checker plugin give you an error as soon as you repeat a duplicate title on your site and stops repeating the existing titles on your AppThemes based site. The big thing is that it works at front and back end.

WordPress allows you to enter duplicate titles for multiple posts or pages. Sometimes we already used a title and we are not aware of that and when we create another listing with same title, wordPress by default is not providing an error that this title is already used.

However, it will stop you from duplicating any of the titles at the front-end if you enabled title validation in plugin setting and it will just draw editor attention with the help of an alert message at back end. It’s done with AJAX so there is no page refreshing interruptions.

Main Features:

  • Enable/Disable option for Force stop submission of duplicate title listing at front end.
  • Just draw editor attention with the help of an error message at back end.
  • Easily customize all error messages.
  • Compatible with All Appthemes Themes
    1. Compatible with Vantage 3.0+ OR Vantage 4.0
    2. Compatible with ClassiPress 3.5+
    3. Compatible with Clipper 1.6+
    4. Compatible with Jobroller 1.8+
    5. Compatible with Taskerr 1.3+
    6. Compatible with Hirebee 1.3+
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