A simply responsive child theme compatible up to version 3.6+, which enhances ClassiPress with many new features and adjustments (3.4.x & 3.3.x versions still available, just give me a shout).

CP Simply Responsive has been designed to fit well on MOBILE devices with a strong emphasis on UI – in other words, User Interaction. Everything we do with this theme is designed with the user (ie: your customers) in mind. No unnecessary gimmicks, css transitions or flashing animations, purely simple and functional.


  • NEW: Added Sub Menu Indicators for Menu Items
  • NEW: Added master RTL css.
  • NEW: Added anchor links to the next and previous ads buttons.
  • Added Option to show a clickable Contact Number to the contact form.
  • Added Contact Ad Owner button on single ad pages (only shown on mobile devices).
  • Added Ad Images to Users Dashboard.
  • Added Button styles to Login and Register links.
  • Added Parent and Sub Categories path to Post an Ad form in step 1.
  • Added Expandable/collapsible responsive Menu on mobile devices.
  • Added No display of Refine Search when there are no ads or only 1 available ad in a category.
  • Added Optional, editable function to control display of featured slider (will still duplicate ads as before if set to display less than 4 ads, but no longer displays non-featured ads).
  • Added Function compatibility with the “Critic” plugin.
  • Added Link for those that have the “Add to Favorites” and “CP Add to plugin” in the ad loop.
  • Added Larger Ad images, retained on mobiles devices.
  • Added Larger featured slider images, retained on mobiles devices.
  • Added Login or register on the same page.
  • Google map moved from sidebar to main single ad page area for larger display.
  • Added No display of google map if no address is entered.
  • SelectBox Dropdown & Button styles retained on tablet and mobile devices.
  • Added Collapsible/Expandable Sub Categories on the homepage categories directory and categories page.
  • Moved ad images to appear before the item details on single ad pages when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Made ‘Purchase a Membership Package’ button more prominent in users dashboard and profile pages.
  • Added Ad images to RSS feeds in Firefox.
  • Added Auto-Filled username and email address into sidebar Contact form (when user is logged in).
  • Supports multiple languages – simply-responsive.pot file included. Simply use poedit to create your .mo file.
  • Calls up the correct single ad image when sharing via facebook (compatible with AddThis plugin – not included). Must have facebook account set up and your own app ID number.
  • Added Option to include Responsive Video Embedding for YouTube & Vimeo (see README.txt).
  • Added Price Negotiable option (see README.txt).
  • Added New 300×250 Sponsored Ads Widget.
  • Added New ‘Sale Pending’ option, for items sold, but subject to collection.
  • Added ‘Featured’, ‘Sold’ and ‘Sale Pending’ label highlighters on Ads.
  • Added ‘Sold’ and ‘Sale Pending’ ribbons to the featured slider (makes sense, right).
  • Added ‘Go Back’ button on single ad and no ads found pages, which will take user back to the last page they came from.
  • Added ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ link buttons within the same category on the single ad page.
  • Added ‘Related Ads’ feature on the single ad pages.
  • Added ‘Featured’ tab on homepage.
  • Added Preloader graphic to image uploads, so users can gauge upload progress.
  • Added ‘Thank you for your order’ message to the order summary page.
  • Added Redirection of successful sidebar contact form to a “Thank you for your email enquiry” page (see README.txt).
  • Added Featured slider to display featured ads which are relevant to the category being viewed on the category pages. Please note, you must have at least 2 featured ads in each category for this to function correctly otherwise non-featured ads will duplicate themselves. This is a quirk of ClassiPress.

Please feel free to adjust backgrounds, text links, buttons and colors to suit your own branding. If you know a little css, this can easily be achieved. See one example HERE

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this is a ClassiPress child theme. You will also need to purchase the ClassiPress main parent theme for it to function fully.

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