Plugin looking for coupons without tags, and generate them automatically based on coupon title and description.

If you are using one of the plugins that automatically import coupons from affiliate networks to your website, you probably noticed that most of them do not add thing like “coupon tags”, this is because most of affiliate APIs do not provide such data.

So here it comes, a Coupons Tagger plugin that will help you to tag hundreds/thousands coupons imported from affiliate networks!


  • Define number of coupons to tag (during one routine)
  • Define number of tags to be added to each coupon
  • Define minimal length of a tag
  • Define language of filtering from stop words (18 languages supported, see FAQ)
  • Choose if tags also should be created from stores and categories names
  • Create your own list of words to exclude in the admin settings page
  • Sends notifications about tagged coupons
  • Tag coupons on demand or schedule hourly, twice daily or daily updates


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