Coloured is a fully responsive child theme for Vantage featuring a sharp sophisticated design and many custom options specifically designed to enhance Vantage’s native capabilities.

Features and custom options include:

  • Custom color control via WordPress’ theme customizer
    Configure virtually any color combination you like Using WordPress’ theme customizer. In addition to the standard background color, Coloured allows you to choose a base color and two highlight colors. You also have the option of choosing a light or dark color scheme.
  • Custom default listing thumbnail
    Coloured allows you set upload a custom default thumbnail for your listings. You can choose one to match your logo or your color scheme.
  • Custom footer credits
    Easily change the footer credits in the post footer section of Vantage. Insert links and other basic HTML without altering the theme files.
  • Hide or show admin bar
    A simple checkbox in the theme settings page allows you to hide the admin bar at the top of Vantage for visitors who aren’t logged in.
  • Alternate Menu Location
    Coloured adds a new menu option allowing you to display your navigation in the header, next to your logo. Use either or both locations. You can even have have separate menus in each location.
  • Upload a custom favicon
    Upload a custom favicon for your site via the theme settings page.
  • Set custom email from name and address
    Choose you own email from name and address for all emails sent by Vantage to your customers.
  • Restrictive Content Shortcodes
    Want to give your members exclusive content? No problem. Just use the following shortcodes to allow members to view it only if the meet the requirments. To display content only for members with the right privileges use the following shortcodes;

    [member_only] ... Content Here ... [/member_only]
    [author_only] ... Content Here ... [/author_only]
    [listing_owner_only] ... Content Here ... [/listing_owner_only]
    [event_owner_only] ... Content Here ... [/event_owner_only]
    [listing_event_owner_only] ... Content Here ... [/listing_event_owner_only]
  • Full Width Page Template, Columns, FontAwesome Icon Font, Simple toggles
    Take control of your pages with these standard web features. Use the full width page template and columns for your “Terms & Conditions” pages, toggles for you FAQs, icons for your sales page or even in you navigation menus.
  • Extra Listing Condition
    Add a checkbox with a custom “Agree to Terms and Conditions” message before users create or save an event or listing – This option can be set individually for events or listings or both.
  • Improved Mobile Navigation
    Vantage’s mobile navigation has been replaced with an attractive new CSS & jQuery based mobile menu.
  • Responsive Videos
    Videos embeded into your site from Youtube or Vimeo are now fully responsive. No shortcodes necessary, just paste the URL into you page, post, listing or event and Coloured takes care of the rest.
  • Custom CSS
    Want to tweak the look or design of your site without editing the theme files? No problem, just open the theme customizer and enter your custom CSS in the custom CSS section of the customiser.

Coloured is also multisite compatible and translation ready.

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