This plugin is temporarily not for sale whilst I make some improvements.

ClassiPress Video Embed is a super simple but highly sought after plugin allowing users to embed videos into their ad listings.

When users are looking at creating an advert on your site they may wish to add a video.

Typically a user would look for a “Video URL” or “Video Embed” box notifying them where to put their video code.

ClassPress Video Embed gives you this custom field that enables video embedding.

Currently adding a custom field would create a link to their video and not embed it onto the page.

When activating the plugin a new custom field for Video URL is created. You can then add this field to your ad listing forms. (You can rename it to your language within the custom field’s area).

Users simply need to copy the URL from a supported video site and the video will automatically embed into their ad listing.

You can choose from the settings whether the video appears above the ad description or below it.

It has been tested with ClassiPress 3.4.1+ and WordPress 4.0+

It uses WordPress’s native embedding so if you have plugins that affect this, it may affect these too (such as custom YouTube plugins, with auto play features).

Supported websites and the version of WordPress required (as per WordPress codex):

  • YouTube (WordPress 2.9)
  • Vimeo (WordPress 2.9)
  • DailyMotion (WordPress 2.9)
  • Flickr (WordPress 2.9)
  • (WordPress 3.0)
  • CollegeHumor (WordPress 4.0)

Most supported sites and content visit:

Note, not all these work. See demo site for several working examples. The key sites YouTube and Vimeo work fine.

Should work with all child themes as the video is placed based on the WordPress post content location (have tested with child theme FlatPress and works perfectly).

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