Create rich descriptions for ads categories and tags


Start Editing the top of your Categories and Tag like a normal page or post
with the Power of WordPress Editor!
1. Many WordPress site owners don’t utilize the potential of category and tag pages.
That’s because the proper tool has not been available. Our plugin gives you the full power of the WordPress page editor to make the best of your category pages or tag pages.


2. Well written, rich category descriptions will help you communicate with your customers and tell them about your site’s content.
A category or tag name alone is often not enough to represent category or tag content. Give your customers more, detailed information about your site’s content!!!


3. Rich category descriptions will also help you monetize your site.
You can place slider, tab, banners, ads, featured and other useful stuff in the rich category descriptions.


4. SEO benefits.
Everybody who wants sales cares about SEO! Great text is a key for a good SEO performance. So why not use the potential of category and tags pages to improve you site ranking?! Don’t waste time.

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