This child theme works up to ClassiPress 3.6.1, it is not compatible with ClassiPress 4.x

ClassiPost, the most responsive and user-friendly child theme for ClassiPress on both desktop and mobile devices.
There are many features built into ClassiPost so take your time and have a look at the DEMO site.
Here are some of the features included into ClassiPost:

Mobile Responsive Menu

features a new responsive menu that responds to mouse hover on desktops and touch events on mobile devices

Responsive Tabs & Accordions

ClassiPost features an improved tab system that turns into accordion on mobile devices making this the most responsive and mobile friendly child theme for Classipress.


ClassiPost lets you choose how you want your content to be displayed:

Sidebar aligned to left or right;
Wide slider carousel
Wide footer area
Number of column widgets in the footer ( you can place unlimited number of widgets ).


ClassiPost has a light, a warm and a dark Yellow color scheme called Sun Glow. You can also choose different colors for various elements across the site.

List / Grid ad layout view:

the user can switch between List and Grid layout with a click of a button.
new site visitors are presented with grid layout by default but this can be set to list as well ( there is an admin option built for this ). a site wide cookie is being set for the user to save the default selected layout, this way, the users will see the preferred layout design when they browse your site and even if they close the browser and come back later, the will be presented with the same design.

Search and filter by Location

The top search bar has a unique feature that allows users to search for ads in a specific location using radius search.
The City field is powered by Google Maps API and includes the options to either determine the user’s current location using Geolocation or to autocomplete the location as the user types the first letters. The locations can be restricted to a specific country in Google Maps settings.

Fully responsive featured ads slider carousel

The featured ads slider carousel has a better design and it is now fully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Main Image Gallery

The ad image gallery features a wider area where users can showcase their images and is also backed by a fully responsive lightbox gallery that can accommodate the full size, original uploaded images even in full screen.

The lightbox gallery can be used with the keyboard arrow keys, the mouse scroll wheel or mouse grab and is also touch enabled so mobile users can easily slide the images with their finger.

Infinite scroll pagination

Besides default pagination that exists in Classipress, ClassiPost has an optional pagination based on Infinite Scroll. Using this feature, visitors won’t have to click on page links to navigate in category pages because its enough to scroll down and new ads (pages) are loaded on the fly using ajax.

This feature is optional, it can be enabled/disabled in ClassiPost admin settings.

Support for Google Adsense between every 3rd ad

Now you can include an Adsense ad (responsive) after every 3rd ad on category pages.
Better yet (see bellow), these Adsense ads play well accross mobile devices.

Support for Google Adsense Mobile Responsive ads

ClassiPost has support for Google’s new Responsive code for Adsense which means Adsense ads won’t break the Mobile experience anymore.

Related ads

Single ad pages are extended with a set of 5 random related ads from the same category.

Admin Panel

ClassiPost has an options framework integrated so you can change some of the unique features present in this child theme.

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