Banner advertisement to maximize your ad revenue. This plugin allows you to add the advertisement banner and advertisement script like Google Ads. You can set the Different Advertisement for different pages like the home page, different category listing pages, ads detail pages, content pages for different places like above header, below header, above footer, below footer, above listing start, below listing end. Also for ads detail page above and below ads description. Same way the plugin has the feature such a way that you can set your advertisement after every ads listing of 2,3,4,5 or 6 for listing page. Please see screenshots & demo for more details. This plugin works with ClassiPress only. It is also compatible with WordPress Multi-site.

Significant Features:

  • Banner advertisements to maximize your ad revenue.
  • Different banner spaces for different places & pages
  • Banner spaces for different places like above & below header, above & below footer, above listing start & below listing end
  • Banner space option for ads detail page above and below ads description
  • Banner spaces options for individual category listing, To get more advertisement space can set different banners for all listing category pages
  • Different banner options for Home page, ads details pages, content pages & blog pages
  • Sequential banner ads after every number of ads like after every 2 ads or after every 3 ads and so on.
  • new feature Sliding effect if display number of banners are more than one for a single place.
  • Insert sliding banners from same banner post.
  • new feature Add upto 5 banners for sliding.
  • Using jquery.cycle.all.js fade effect for sliding the ads.
  • new feature Expiry Date added.
  • Slider speed & effect change as per banner settings.
  • Display banners for Ads Tag listing page same as Ads category page.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.0+

Important note for version : 1.0.6 upgrade: Expiry date is must otherwise all banners will be gone. Please read change log for more details and how to set expiry date automatically for all banners. Otherwise you should manually set expiry date for each banners one by one.

New options added — added after version : 1.1.0 (13th Nov 2017)

Added shortcode to display banners.
Shortcode example :: [wpwcp_banners_galore banner_id=10]
— Argument :: banner_id=10

New options added — added after version : 1.2.0 (08th Aug 2018)

  • ClassiPress Version 4.0 related update.
  • Above & Below loop for home page, category pages, tags pages & search page not working after ClassiPress Version 4.0 because there is not filter/action hook for that.

Important NOTE ::

  • sequential banners is not working properly. it will work by leaving one number on start and end of loop.
  • for example : if you want to display sequential banner after every “2” ads, on first ad it will display after first ad and before last ads.
  • Between that it will display only after every “2” ads.
  • sequential banners will not display properly for home page Latest Listings because of grid listings.
  • Added filters for different pages banner ids.
  • On search page display banners with search and category search combination.
  • Added shortcode to display banners. Shortcode example :: [wpwcp_banners_galore banner_id=10]
  • Get banners galore shortcode from banners list

New options added — added after version : Version : 1.2.1 (12th Aug 2018)

  • Banners display for all pages by default, there is no option to hide banners for specific pages.
  • Ignore/hide banners display for specific pages — NEW option added on banners add/edit page settings.
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