With Balanced Payments, you can easily start accepting credit cards and escrow payments right on your AppThemes site today **.

The Balanced Payments Gateway completely integrates into your website to offer the best possible checkout experience. Plus, it integrates with new themes like HireBee to provide unique business models that make things possible like escrow payments. With escrow payments, a buyer can pay for a service initially and the money is not paid out to the seller until both parties agree that the service has been completed. With Balanced Payments, your microjob site just go a whole lot more awesome.

Balanced Payments also is a fully functional instant payment gateway. Use it to take credit and debit card payments in any of our themes, without redirects, third party branding, or logos. It just you, your users, and your site.


  • Complete Site Integration. Customers don’t even know they’re using Balanced Payments!
  • Accept Payments from: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
  • Bypass PCI requirements. Balanced Payments takes care of it for you


  • Activated BalancedPayments.com Account – Its easy to sign up. Also, see their FAQ to verify you meet their requirements.
  • AppThemes Product with Payments Support. Escrow support required for escrow feature.
  • Balanced Payments is available in limited currencies. Check with their website to verify your currency will work.
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater with cURL support.

Pictures shown the plugin being used with HireBee and several other payment gateways (not included).

** NOTE: Credit card processing works with all our themes. Escrow support only works with HireBee at this time. **

WP User Avatar. For example, you can then allow users to upload their own avatar (by default the themes will display the default placeholder avatar or the users Gravatar if they have one).

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