Use Bing Maps on your AppThemes website. This plugin provides an alternative to the default Google Maps capability in AppThemes themes.

Once installed, AppMaps Bing will enable the option to choose maps and geocoding from Bing. When enabled, all maps for listings can be rendered with Bing Maps. Additionally, locations can be geocoded using the Bing Geocoder API. AppMaps Bing also supports address autosuggest feature.

Other AppMaps plugins are available for MapQuest. You can have multiple AppMaps plugins installed at once and switch to a new map provider or geocoder at any time (including the default Google Maps).

AppMaps supports ClassiPress version 4.1.0+, JobRoller version 1.9.5+ and Vantage version 4.2.0+ and may not work with other maps plugins.

Setup is very simple, see installation tab for more info. Read the FAQ for more info about maps and geocoding.

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