AdPoster Blocker is a simple but powerful plugin which blocks new user registrations or new ads/jobs/posts based on the string identified by the website admin.

The requirement of this plugin came when a lot of ad posters (link builders) started posting irrelevant ads on my ClassiPress website. These spammy AdPosters had a pattern, either they use similar email address for user registration (email ids containing their company name) or they will have a similar identification code in all their ad posts.

This plugin allows admins to store the email id pattern or the code they enter in their ad posts. Then when any new user registers with username/email similar to the string saved by the admin, the new registrant gets disabled automatically.

For example, the admin saves the string ‘iinfo’, then if a new user registers with email ‘’ or username ‘iinfo_rt’, the user automatically gets disabled. Similarly for posts/ads, if the admin saves a string ‘Unixad’, then if any user posts an ad/blog post which contains the string ‘unixad’ (not case sensitive) then the ad/post is automatically send to the trash. A page is given for admins to enter a string for usernames and posts separately. Similarly admins can see the blocked users and blocked posts and take action on it.

This plugin is compatible with all AppThemes and any WordPress website. It also supports WordPress Multisite.

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