ACFCP add-on that converts values of an ad (or profile) custom field into a fully customizable hyperlink.

Each field takes the following parameters provided by plugin:

  1. Activate Hyperlink – Activates Hyperlink for certain field. If disabled, Hyperlink will not be generated.
  2. Title – The title attribute. Specifies extra information about an element. The information is most often shown as a tooltip text when the mouse moves over the element.
  3. URI Scheme (URL protocol) – URI scheme is the top level of the uniform resource identifier (URI) naming structure. You can choose any registered scheme (tel, skype, data, ftp, file, mailto, bitcoin, …..). Read more about URI Schemes. For http or https protocols no need enter. But required for others.For example if you use it for Phone field – you can make it callable. Just enter “tel” in “URI Scheme” text box and try in front end with mobile device. You mobile phone will try to call to number equal you field value.Or another example:  Enter “skype” and try in frontend on desktop device. Your browser will ask about launch Skype to call  to number equal your field value.
  4. Custom Domain  – Allows to add additional domain before value in the link address. For example, you can use it for Twitter and Facebook account links. Where field value is plain text “user_name”, and Domain value is result you get link:
  5. Field Value  – Allows to modify URL. If empty – URL will not modified. Can be used certain field value in format {field_name} and own value in format {value}. Can cover “Custom Domain” and “Variables” parameters.
  6. Variables – Allows to add parameters to the URL.For example simple URL to ClassiPress theme:

    If you enter to “Variables” text box something like “aid=13354” – you get in result my AT affiliate link to ClassipPress :

    Can be used certain field value in format {field_name} and own value in format {value}.

    For example if some variable value stored in another field (cp_affiliate_id) – “Variables” property should be aid={cp_affiliate_id}.

  7. Relationship – The rel attribute. Specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document (nofollow, noreferrer, author).
  8. Target – The target attribute. Specifies where to open the linked document (_blank, ….).
  9. Content – Html content, which users will see on page (for ex. “Site Name”). Can be used certain field value in format {field_name} and own value in format {value}. If empty, content will equal the link address.

HTML Generation Scheme:

&lt;a title="<code>Title</code>" href="<code>URI Scheme</code>://<code>Custom Domain</code>/<code>Field Value</code>/?<code>Variables</code>" target="<code>Target</code>" rel="<code>Relationship</code>"&gt;<code>Content</code>&lt;/a&gt;

Thus, you can add links with different formats for different actions, such as:

  • Callable phone number for mobile devices ( Call now +800000000 ) or for Skype
  • Web Sites with Name inherited from other field ( Example Web Site )
  • Add variables to URL for participation in affiliate programs ( Affiliate Link )
  • Bitcoin donation buttons
  • PayPal donation buttons
  • And more….

Requires ACFCP 2.3+, ClassiPress 3.2+  WordPress 3.0+.

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